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Gran Sasso Pizzo Cefalone e cima Giovanni Paolo II
24.7.2021 19:00:29
Gran bella escursione quasi tutta di cresta partenza da Campo Imperatorepassando per la sella del monte Aquila, rifugio Duca degli Abruzzi, Pizzo Cefalone e cima Govanni Paolo II....Panorami al top consigliatissima...
Music in town 2021 · Dolomites · Alta Badia - Müjiga te paîsc 2021
25.7.2021 18:30:27
'Müjiga te paîsc' is the yearly event when the local music band of Badia marches from house to house for some little concert.------------------------------------------▶ Visit Ustaria Posta :...
News Bites - The Best Ending/BURN To Climbing Daily
26.7.2021 16:23:17
Comment of the week is an opportunity for YOU to have a say! Leave us a comment under the News Show, and your might be read out on the show...HUGE EpicTV shop SALE: @epictvclimbing ...
Lazy Mountain Days
21.7.2021 20:00:14
A Lazy day in the mountain . Leaving Late we had a lovely easy hike up a Munro in the warm summer sunshine. Lazy Mountain days indeed and we spent a good hour sunbathing and chatting on the summit without a care in the world... A fine family outing in the mountains of Scotland ......
Beatrice Colli: Up Against It Ep 3 - Beatrice Breaks WORLD RECORD
22.7.2021 15:00:20
Beatrice is back climbing on the comp circuit, and this time she's breaking records...which record you say? Well turns out its a couple, but we'll let you watch to find out more...this is BIG NEWS for the young Italian Athlete...hold tight for the future, this could get interesting...
Spazio Verticale 293 - Una chiacchierata con Stefano Ghisolfi
23.7.2021 11:47:41
Un video un pò diverso dal solito. Questa volta non abbiamo badato al minutaglie ma ci siamo persi a parlare del più e del meno!...
Climbing Daily Ep.1854 - A History of Competition Climbing
20.7.2021 13:03:50
With climbing reaching an incredible milestone this year fast it's almost time for its debut at the biggest sporting event in the world. Today we have a look back at how competition climbing began, and take you through the history so far......
Climbing Daily Ep.1855 - Stefano Ghisolfi AKA Spider Man
21.7.2021 16:30:11
EpicTV HUGE summer sale - week we bring you all the latest news from the IFSC world cups in France. Some mountaineering first ascents, and some hard bouldering news we also take a look at our Arc'teryx Alpine Academy coverage. ...
Climbing Daily Ep.1836 | The Device That Saves Lives At High Altitude
22.7.2021 17:00:13
Altitude sickness can be dangerous. In today's workshop at the Arc'teryx Alpine Academy, we learn all about it, how to avoid it, and what to do when someone gets acute altitude sickness.Arc'teryx Gear Here -
Climbing Daily Ep.1837 - What's Inside Stefano Ghisolfi's 9c Bibliographie Gear Bag?
23.7.2021 16:15:01
We've been climbing with Stefano Ghisolfi in Ceuse as he works one of the world's hardest sport climbs. He's trying Bibliographie a 9c route first climbed by Alex Megos. In today's Gear Show we check out the gear he is using while working the route......
7C (Soft) Chamonix SCARY Boulder
19.7.2021 17:30:05
I found out about this line years ago...but never thought I would be strong enough to try. It's a soft 7C, but felt great to...finally reach the top!Thanks to Teresa for filming, her YouTube channel: ...
San Michele, Passo Mendola, Fai della Paganella, Molveno | DAY 1 POMI E PASSI BIKETRIP u200d♀️
21.7.2021 7:30:06
Primo giorno on the road per Luca e Martina. Avvicinamento al tappone di domani: partenza da San Michele Appiano, subito Passo Mendola, poi la Val di Non, Fai della Paganella, giù a Andalo, Molveno e San Lorenzo come meta finale. Bellissima traversata!...
Canyong Corripo Abseil | Canyoning Tessin
17.7.2021 15:37:23
Gran Sasso Canyon dello Scoppaturo e Monte Bolza
16.7.2021 18:55:37
Escursione molto interessante nel bellissimo canyon dello Scoppaturo reso famoso per avere ospitato scene di film western e non solo.Poi il monte Bolza con la sua lunga cresta e un panorama unico ....
A mountain-bike ride that became in 'gourmet' ride · Dolomites Daily 199/365 shorts
19.7.2021 9:14:51
The plan was to ride all trails of the Movimënt Parks in Alta Badia, Dolomites, and shoot finally a nice video of our summer adventures. Everything changed as soon there was a scream: 'Strawberrieeeeessss!'...
It's all about dumplings in Alta Badia · Dolomites Daily 201/365 shorts | 'Nos dales bales'
20.7.2021 19:21:21
Dumplings are among the most versatile and tasty dishes of our South Tyrolean cuisine. Sweet or savory, traditional or innovative: dumplings are available in countless variations. What about you, what is your favorite one?...
News Bites - The 9a Round UpWho's Been Sending
19.7.2021 16:15:37
We take a look at which athletes have been sending hard this week. We check out the 9a's that have been sent this week in our bite sized news show.Sport climbing gear deals at the EpicTV shop:
You don't always have to go to the Top of the Mountain
14.7.2021 20:00:13
Sometimes making the summit is the main objective but you don't have to get to the top of a mountain or hill to have a cracking adventure.Today I headed for a wild spot half way up a mountain and off the beaten track to have lunch with a rather spectacular view.......
Spazio Verticale 292 - Top 3 zaini da falesia
16.7.2021 8:28:08
Ecco la mia scelta dei tre migliori zaini da falesia. Voi che ne pensate?Qual'è il vostro preferito??Beal Combi: Ice Octopus: Alpine Outcast:
Climbing Daily Ep.1859 - Drew Ruana Doesn't Sleep - Insomniac 8C+
14.7.2021 18:33:27
Welcome back to the Wednesday News Show! This week we're talking about the latest IFSC World Cup, Drews FA of Insomniac, and many more hard climbs...EpicTV summer sale -
Climbing Daily Ep.1860 - Improve YOUR Alpine Climbing Skills
15.7.2021 16:30:17
More info on the Arc'teryx Academy:'s the first day of the Arc'teryx Alpine Academy in Chamonix! Teresa heads up the mountain with a woman's mountaineering group to learn some new skills......
Climbing Daily Ep.1861 - Which Sport Climbing Backpack Is Best?
16.7.2021 15:30:00
Today we compare three cragging backpacks to find out which is best. We put them to the test in a head-to-head packing challenge. Which one is the best for your money...and which would you buy?Lowe Alpine Outcast 44L -
Indoor 8B+ boulder | Testing my limit
12.7.2021 19:34:57
SUMMER SALE!! 30% off everything ✒︎ Music and Sound Effects: Sponsors: - Toyota- Scarpa #Climbing...
10.7.2021 | Storžič
11.7.2021 3:46:09
Dogodivščine programa Letos na Triglav se nadaljujejo. 'Grizenje kolen' je glavno vodilo tokratne ture, a naše udeleženke in udeleženci se ne dajo. Uspešen vzpon in sestop z obilico smeha in utrjenimi mišicami. Zmeraj bližje Triglavu, 'z goro naprej!'...
11.07.2021 | Naokrog na Planjavo
12.7.2021 10:23:33
Na hitro do Kamniškega, potem pa desno. Tako gre opis poti, ki smo jo na nedeljski zahtevni turi opravili člani PD Kranjski gamsi. Naročeno vreme, prikolica smeha in dober tempo nam tako dajo dobro nedeljsko turo - na kratko, uživanje!!...
la mia Maratona | MARATONA DLES DOLOMITES 2021
15.7.2021 16:30:01
Dalle prime pedalate su strada che ho fatto questa manifestazione ('gara' mi sembra riduttivo) mi ha sempre affascinato. Quest'anno finalmente ho potuto parteciparvi con il mio consueto spirito cicloturistico. Che bellezza! Evviva la Maratona dles Dolomites...
Canyoning Giumaglio | Val Maggia | Canyoning Tessin
12.7.2021 19:01:27
Der Canyoning Giumaglio ist einer der Klassiker im Tessin - schöne Abseiler in einer engen Tour und Sprünge, die dir den Atem rauben werden - wenn du Lust auf die Tour hast:
Boggera Canyon aktuelle Bedingungen | Canyoning Tessin
13.7.2021 16:00:20
Die Canyoning Tessin Tour - Klassiker im Tessin - wenn ihr Lust auf die Tour habt, schreibt uns auf
· Dolomites Daily 185/365 shorts - The rush hour in Alta Badia Dolomites
10.7.2021 17:30:09
If you want to see something really traditional during your holiday in Alta Badia Dolomites then be in Badia / San Leonardo at 8:15 am or 5:00 pm. You will be able to see the cows, in an orderly 'fashion', cross the village to go to pasture in the morning and return to the barn in the evening....
Hohe Warte Überschreitung via Brandjoch Südgrat
6.7.2021 15:58:56
Musik:––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Music: Ether - Silent Partner––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Earth by MusicbyAden
Überschreitung Bachofenspitze via Sonntagskarspitze/Karwendel/Pfeishütte
13.7.2021 8:36:47
Musik:Song: DayFox - JungleMusic provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.Video Link:––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Neverland by Onycs
Karkopf-Geheimnis der Gallier/Mieminger Kette
13.7.2021 12:15:39
Musik:––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Sunset Drive by Tokyo Music Walker Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream:
12.7.2021 9:18:29
Mon run complet de la MEGAVALANCHE 2021! 2ème place après une folle poursuite!Subscribe for more videos | Kilian BRON ► ► une grosse édition de la Megavalanche et une belle remontée pour tenter de reprendre la tête de course, menée ...
News Bites - The Finnish Line: HIGH BALL V16Rare Repeat
12.7.2021 16:30:08
An iconic bouldering line in Rocklands, South Africa, sees a rare ascent. We bring you the bouldering highlights and sends from this week in climbing. HUGE EpicTV Shop SALE:
A Typical Summer Hike in Scotland | Unexpected Rain
7.7.2021 20:00:07
The forecast was good, the reality was not. Unexpected Rain moved in to give a typical mountain hike in the Scottish Highlands. Summer in Scotland could be said to be unpredictable ;) A fine day out with the dog was enjoyed though :) Wasn't too bad - just unexpected ! (probably the worst title for a...
Japanese Climbing Stories Ep. 4 - Perma-Dry Amphitheatre Climbing In Shodoshima
8.7.2021 16:00:20
Climbing in the rain in Japan? A short ferry ride from mainland Japan near Okayama will get you to the beautiful Shōdo Island, a perfect place to go for outdoor climbing, on a rainy day in Japan. On todays story we follow Sakae Nakahara and Tomohiro Inagaki as they explore the island and talk abou...
Spazio Verticale 291 - Puro Dreaming 9a - Alex Ventajas
9.7.2021 13:00:21
Ecco qui il breve video realizzato dal nostro amico Giacomo Tonoli,che è andato a filmare Alex nel gettonassimo Pueblo di Massone...
News Bites - Bouldering + Snow = Perfect Sending Temps
5.7.2021 16:30:08
Sometimes a boulder needs to be in perfect condition in order to send it. We have a look at Giuliano Cameroni climbing the low start to Hazel Grace...with the boulder surrounded by snow...Get some bouldering crash pads from the EpicTV shop:
Climbing Daily Ep.1856 - 8B+ BoulderBecomes A 9a Route
6.7.2021 16:30:07
We have two hard climbs for you today on the Sick Send show. We start off with Andrej Capko climbing Steppenwolf 8B then we have a rare repeat of a Magic Wood 9a from Linus Raatz...Bouldering Gear deals at the EpicTV Shop:
Climbing Daily Ep.1857 - Crazy Foggy Conditions AT IFSC Villars
7.7.2021 16:30:04
We saw some tricky conditions during the latest round of the IFSC World Cup...will it affect the athletes? We check out some hard trad news, and some high grade boulder sends...Check out the HUGE EpicTV shop sale:
Climbing Daily Ep.1858 - Louis Gundolf: Gen Z climber
8.7.2021 16:31:04
On a recent trip to Chironico, a world class bouldering area in Switzerland, we had the chance to climb with Louis Gundolf. He's just started his journey on the IFSC competition scene and is a bit of an underground crusher......
03.07.2021 | Dobra tura do Vrtače
4.7.2021 8:32:10
Tokratno osvajanje Vrtače je bilo prav prijetno. Vreme nam je bilo glede na poletni čas naklonjeno celo s temperaturami, na našem cilju pa nas ni pričakala značilna oblačna koprena. Čudoviti razgledi in, kaj pak, dobra družba, od Ljubelja do Vrtače in nazaj!...
Val Cellina, Pala Barzana, Rest e Mauria | COLPO DI CALDO E GIRO LUNGO
5.7.2021 18:34:05
Un bel giro, con un bel caldo...La traccia di questo giro su STRAVA:
giretto Enduro - PROVA VLOG INSTA GO2 - Ultradolomites 80km, gregariato Martina
8.7.2021 17:00:11
Ho preso una nuova videocamera che pesa solo 27g! Prove generali di giro per la valle. Ho seguito la mia amica Martina Valmassoi per qualche km di corsa verso la vittoria della ULTRADOLOMITES 80km (gara parallela alla Lavaredo Ultra Trail) e il giorno dopo un piccolo (nemmeno trop...
Canyoning Rutsche | Canyoning Starzlachklamm
4.7.2021 20:32:02
Die Abschlussrutsche in der Starzlachklamm bei Sonthofen im Allgäu Buchen könnt ihr hier: https://canyoningallgä
Val di Gei | Val Maggia | Canyoning Tessin
7.7.2021 18:00:23
Ein Klassiker beim Canyoning im Tessin - Val die Gei zwischen dem Lago Maggiore und der Ortschaft MaggiaWenn ihr Lust auf eine Tour habt, schreibt uns unter
Short Family Hike'n'Fly | Speedflying
5.7.2021 13:36:35
Instagram : @mulle_alexandre : Ozone Rapi-dos 6.5m#Extreme #Wingsuit #Speedflying...
4.7.2021 17:18:58
Mon run complet de la Mountain Of Hell 2021! Troisième VICTOIRE d'affilée avec des pointes de vitesse encore au dessus des 100km/h!! Subscribe for more videos | Kilian BRON ►
Camping at Hidden Loch , High in the Mountains
30.6.2021 20:00:06
Camping at a Hidden Loch , High on the Mountain. Tucked away beneath the mountain plateaux , this loch is not a secret location but it is hidden away from view and takes a bit of effort to reach. I headed over two Munros to reach this corrie with its magnificent cliffs and waterfalls for a overnight...
Red Bull Creepers 2021 Teaser | DEEP WATER SOLO ON A BRIDGE
29.6.2021 18:03:03
The craziest climbing competition around, Red Bull Creepers makes its return to Ávilau200e, Spain with a jam packed rosta of climbing stars to go with it. Jerney Kruder, Chris Sharma, Nils Favre + Julia Kruder were joined by a strong showing to try and climb the enormous arch over the Adaja River....
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