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Climbing Daily Ep.1997 - Seb Bouin's Latest + GREATEST Project To Date - DNA
11.5.2022 17:03:14
Check out the BRAND NEW EpicTV Merch....Join our Club! Bouin makes ascent of world's second 9c..or is it? Illya Bakhmet-Smolensky makes ascent of No-Kopote Only 8C(+)...or does he? ...
Shorts - Petzl Roctrip…Day 1
14.5.2022 11:09:56
We’ve been experiencing the Petzl Roctrip in Manikia, Greece. Climbing, Canyoning, bolting and more! Here are a few highlights from Day 1.Check out the latest from Petzl at the EpicTV Shop:
Shallow water grappling | I tried US Marine corps Martial Arts
13.5.2022 16:57:42
Big thanks to the US Marine Corps for allowing me to try this. I have so much respect for what they do!Shot by Markus Skaane and Blake ArnoldEdited by Magnus MidtbøMusic and Sound Effects:
Adam Ondra - Drama to Get the Gold on European Boulder Cup
9.5.2022 20:46:02
After 13 YEARS, an international competition for the adult category is back in Czechia! Check out the semifinal and final round of this unique comp in front of the home crowd! Most importantly, watch until the very end for the drama on the boulder problem where I had to secure the top in 3 tries fo...
Trupejevo poldne (v dežju)
7.5.2022 18:30:04
Neobetavna vremenska napoved je pripomogla h kar nekaj odpovedi pri udeležbi na današnjem društvenem dogodku, ampak 8 članov se nas pa vseeno ni dalo saj, kot pravi rek, »Nismo s cukra«. Več na
Sasha DiGiulian Foraging Mushrooms in Manikia - Greek Lifestyle
4.5.2022 10:01:47
Join Sasha DiGiulian to forage mushrooms in Manikia.#PetzlRocTrip #Manikia...
Martina Demmel meets Kostas - Greek Lifestyle
6.5.2022 16:50:51
Meet Kostas, a local beekeeper, with Martina Demmel.Discover how he made all these natural products and how they take care of bees. Spot the queen!#PetzlRocTrip #Manikia...
What's going to be your next bouldering shoe
9.5.2022 16:35:08
Watch the full gear show -
Wild Camping Scotland - The End of the Road
4.5.2022 20:00:09
With perfect weather forecast I couldn't resist heading wild camping , however my knee still hadn't healed so I had to use a different method to transport me to the to of the hill at the end of the road !...
Sneak Peek 2022 - The Specialist: Red Chili Sensor Climbing Shoe
3.5.2022 16:57:10
Find out more about the Red Chili Sensor: Red Chili Sensor is designed to give you the greatest level of sensitivity and precision when high-end indoor sport climbing and competition indoor bouldering. The most sensitive shoe in Red Child's range, the Sensor climbing shoe f...
Enjoy - A World Less Traveled China
6.5.2022 9:00:27
Watch it HERE -
Spazio Verticale 316 - Brione's Bouldering w/ Luca Bertacco
6.5.2022 14:00:08
Luca Bertacco qualche giorno fa è andato in Svizzera a Brione, per testare il suo massimale sui blocchi ticinesi! Diciamo che di forza ne ha. Ecco qui qualche spunto per i vostri project!...
Climbing Daily Ep.1995 - Scary One Finger Pockets On Tom Bolger's SAVAGE 9a+
3.5.2022 19:04:54
Tom Bolger is living the climbing life in Margalef. Known for his incredible mono moves, Tom has been bolting, and climbing some hard new routes in Margalef. He has a potential 9b/+ extension waiting, but the first stage is sending the 9a+ route at the start.......
European Boulder Cup | Adam Ondra Snatched The Win
4.5.2022 17:00:14
This week on the Climbing Daily Wednesday News Show; El Cap sees two extraordinary ascents, Adam Ondra made a comeback on the competition scene & a robot sings comment of the week...Shop on EpicTV ...
Five Ten NIAD your next climbing shoe
5.5.2022 7:45:00
Check out the NIAD range on EpicTV we’ve got them all! Sizes, models & colors Click -
News Bite - Climber BEWARE This TikTok Trend Could Hurt You!
5.5.2022 16:30:22
This time, the latest viral video trend could really hurt us, climbers. Rockfall is a constant worry for a climber but usually, it's a natural phenomenon instead of behind caused by human activity... ...
Climbing Daily Ep.1996 - The Top 3 Bouldering Shoes Of 2022
6.5.2022 15:00:33
As part of our Top 3 climbing gear series, we are looking at the top 3 bouldering shoes of 2022. We've found models that breach the gap between indoor and outdoor climbing. The shoes all have an aggressive downturn and represent the pinnacle of design. Which is your favorite?...
World's most difficult Ninja Warrior course
3.5.2022 19:14:57
Check out my clothing brand ⌲ https://rungne.comCheck out ⌲ @Anton Fomenko Check out the gym ⌲ https://www.traversefit.comMusic and Sound Effects: ...
Na domačo Dobrčo
1.5.2022 10:44:29
Program Letos na Triglav počasi, ampak vztrajno, napreduje. Tokrat nas je korak ponesel na 'našo domačo' Dobrčo, kjer smo lovili sončne žarke in nabirali kondicijo. Za nameček pa so nas toplo sprejeli tudi v Koči na Dobrči, kjer je Kranjski gams že domač....
chiusura Faloria old school, Monosci e gigionerie | PRIME CURVE, ULTIME CURVE
3.5.2022 8:34:59
le prime curve di Zelda, le nostre ultime curve di stagione. Una stagione magra, di pochi giorni sulla neve per me, e poche nevicate, ma che con questa conclusione mi rimarrà per sempre nel cuore...
Südwestrinne Östliche Marienbergspitze 2561m Mieminger Kette
26.4.2022 14:58:22
Musik:––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––come back by Rexlambo Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0Free Download / Stream:
Alexander Megos Cooking Greek Food - Greek Lifestyle
26.4.2022 19:05:54
Learn how to cook a traditional Greek meal alongside Alex and Jenya. The sweet and spicy smell of laurel will fill your kitchen!Petzl Roc Trip 2022...
Crystals Search with Dave Graham (Part 1) - Greek Lifestyle
28.4.2022 15:19:31
Search for crystals with Dave Graham in the beautiful Manikia valley. Who knows what you’ll find!#PetzlRocTrip #Manikia...
Crystals Search with Dave Graham (Part 2) - Greek Lifestyle
29.4.2022 18:14:01
Search for crystals with Dave Graham in the beautiful Manikia valley. Who knows what you’ll find!...
Does weight matter for sport climbing quickdraws
2.5.2022 20:00:02
Make an informed decision when getting your next set. Watch the full Gear Show here -
Searching for Latte and Cake - 50km into the Scottish Mountains
27.4.2022 20:00:16
A longer than expected adventure in the Scottish Mountains and all I wanted was a Latte and slice of cake :) Into the mountains I went on a rather fine day....Music:Acoustic Meditation by Audionautix (YouTube Music Library)...
Sneak Peek 2022 - Bouldering At Its Most PRECISE: The New Scarpa Chimera
26.4.2022 17:06:56
Find Out More About The Scarpa Chimera Climbing Shoe: Scarpa Chimera is a uniquely designed climbing shoe designed to be the most precise bouldering shoe on the market. Taking its name from the hybrid creature of Greek mythology, the Scarpa Chimera features Vibram XS Grip 2...
World Less Traveled Ep.13 - Climbing The White Mountain - China
28.4.2022 16:25:14
Get ready for your adventure with EpicTV SHOP: and Charlotte are back! In this episode the guys travel to China to experience the best of what the country has to offer in terms of Sport climbing, in and around Yangshuo....
Shorts - What Does Adam Ondra Think About Climbing Grades
26.4.2022 16:30:07
Adam Ondra is one of the world's best climbers, and he certainly has an opinion about grades. Check out these bonus answers, an extra from our longer Interview with Adam...Check out Adam's climbing shoes:
Climbing Daily Ep.1993 - Skipping Grades And Climbing 9a+
27.4.2022 17:02:33
It's been a busy week with 9b first ascents, 8B+ flashes, and a dangerous E10 trad route. Who is Adam Ondra's new prodigy and who made comment of the week? Get The NORTH FACE gear, be one of the cool kids:
News Bite - The NEW Generation Skipping Climbing Grades
28.4.2022 16:30:05
With the news that Nolwenn Berthier has ticked the 9a+ grade, and skipped 9a we take a look at why climbers might jump grades. Is it the increase in indoor climbing that has changed the more traditional 'apprenticeship' of climbing hard grades......
Climbing Daily Ep.1994 - What Are The BEST Sport Climbing Quickdraws Of 2022?
29.4.2022 15:30:28
On todays show we look at the best Sport Climbing Quickdraws of 2022, we look at their features to give you a better idea of which ones you should buy for your next sport climbing project.Find Your idea Sport Climbing Quickdraw at the EpicTV Shop:
Will Bosi INSANE Tick List From A Week Climbing With Adam Ondra
30.4.2022 8:00:10
Do you want to know more about Will and his crazy holiday?! Watch the full Climbing News Show HERE - #rockclimbing #bouldering...
Is A Rock Climbing World Champion SCARED Of Falling
1.5.2022 20:00:01
WATCH the full episode featuring Jakob Schubert - #bouldering...
Designed by Adam Ondra & Shaped by Euroholds - Build Your Training Out of Bricks
25.4.2022 19:16:09
The first holds that I designed and the first day climbing on them! I've had a great playful day with guys Toni and Jesus from Euroholds, route setter Denis Pail and the Bricks at Ha. While I had known the first three before quite well, meeting Bricks in person was great, and we became friends! ...
Gopro Hero 10 MTB Video Experiment, Crazy angles, 240fps Super Slow Motion - Five seconds
28.4.2022 11:22:50
Hit the like button & subscribe if you like the video.What happens in a few seconds when riding full speed through a trail full of leaves? I had to wait for perfect conditions for almost two years, but finally, I found out....
23.4.2022 | Inkretov studenec
23.4.2022 20:45:00
Danes je bila v letnem planu lahka tura na Malo Ojstrico iz planine Podvežak, a tokrat je narava odločila, do kam nas varno spusti, mi pa smo pridno poslušali :)...
Climbing at The Pier - RED ROCK
22.4.2022 15:40:05
Located in Red Rock Canyon, the Pier boasts a multitude of harder moderates from 5.11 to 5.12. It’s the perfect place to get your feet wet when coming to Red Rock. The Pier is also a great place to get out of the sun and enjoy cooler temps. ...
EPILOGUE Dolomites Winter Season 2021/22
21.4.2022 19:00:32
This week was shot some days before our MARMORONDA video as we wrongly thought the Dolomites' Winter season was over before it really was. But probably this is really the EPILOGUE of what was the Dolomites Winter Season 2021/22 with the amazing snow storm we got at the beginning of April....
Climbing Daily Ep.1992 - HARDEST Boulder Blockhelden Gym Vs Jakob Schubert
25.4.2022 16:33:50
The routesetters at the Blockhelden climbing wall set Jakob Schubert the hardest possible boulder. In the range of 8B, can Jakob send this mini-project?The EpicTV shop's range of La Sportiva shoes:
Mountain Help Plea - I Need You
20.4.2022 20:00:05
If you are able to donate (appreciate not all can) that would be amazing! Link to Just giving page : you would like to register for the charity event on the 4th of June 2022 please follow below link:...
Climber has sketchy moment on an Infamous Trad UK Route… (Part 1)
22.4.2022 16:52:12
Watch the full film 'Friends Of Grit':
Climber has sketchy moment on an infamous UK trad route (Part 2)
22.4.2022 16:56:22
Watch the full film 'Friends Of Grit':
Spazio Verticale 315 - 7 vite come i gatti, Val Masino
22.4.2022 13:01:43
7 vite come i gatti, First Ascent By Stefano Carnati•Big, jump start, smooth granite holds, reachy crux move and an easier but scary ending!...
Mehr 'Power' mit der richtigen Atemtechnik mit SCARPA und EDELRID Athletin Jana Müller
24.4.2022 16:00:14
Sauerstoff in den Mukkis statt dicke Backen. Jana Müller erklärt die richtige Atemtechnik vor, nach und während dem Klettern oder Bouldern.Unterstütze uns mit einem Abo, kostet nichts und du machst uns damit eine riesen Freude ...
Climbing Daily Ep.1988 - Adam Ondra - Why Is It Hard to Grade Short Routes?
19.4.2022 16:56:44
Adam Ondra is arguably the best climber in the world. Whether it is outside climbing, or indoor comps, he aims high and deals with immense pressure. Today we have an exclusive interview with Adam discussing grading, the Olympics and life after kids......
Climbing Daily Ep.1989 - Incredible 5.13 CRACK Climb by Mari Salvesen
20.4.2022 16:50:02
This week is all about those FLASH ascents! We start off with UK sensation Will Bosi Flashing boulders up to 8B+, then discuss the impressive flash ascent of Belly Full Of Bad Berries a brutal off-width crack in the USA... ...
Climbing Daily Ep.1990 - Auto-Belays At A Climbing Crag? WTF!
21.4.2022 16:30:13
This week we discuss whether or not it's a good idea to set up auto-belays instead of top ropes... Let us know your opinion down in the comments below!Deal of the week on the EpicTV shop - ...
Climbing Daily Ep.1991 - A Pro-Climbers' Guide To Trad Gear In The UK
22.4.2022 15:26:32
Watch The Full Film, 'Friends Of The Grit': Gritstone in the Peak District requires at times very specific trad climbing gear beta, and in this video after his recent trip to the Peak District, Siebe Vanhee goes through the gear that he used during his three week trip ...
20.4.2022 17:31:05
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