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Lovska koča za Šijo
8.5.2021 19:49:24
Z mladino je vedno fino :) Iz Podljubelja, mimo Tominčevega slapu, do lovske koče za Šijo. Za konec pa še na igrala v Kamp Podljubelj....
Ciprnik krožna pot
9.5.2021 14:21:19
Lahkih nog naokrog, iz Kranjske Gore proti Ciprniku, čez Vitranc, skoraj do vrha, nato pa nazaj mimo Mojčinega doma na Vitrancu ter do jezera Jasna....
una corsetta Venezia | L'ALLENAMENTO IN LAGUNA
12.5.2021 7:30:05
È iniziato un allenamento un po'più strutturato in vista della RAAF, e anche la nostra breve 'vacanza al mare' non prevede giorni di riposo...I miei appartamenti in affitto:
Escape for Victory · Dolomites Daily 126/365 · Alta Badia shorts
6.5.2021 19:15:01
#Day 126The plan to escape is proceeding. Finally, the ground is not frozen anymore and the dig proceeds quickly thanks to all my mates. We have some suspects though that the landowners know something about our plans. ...
Mating season has returned in the Dolomites - Why did you hurry, damn springtime?
8.5.2021 20:00:11
I grew up with the notes of this Italian song called 'Maledetta Primavera' [transl. Damn Springtime] where there is this refrain that exactly says 'Why did you hurry, damn springtime?'You can hear the Italian version of the song here:...
Looks like we already miss the Dolomites winter · Dolomites daily 130/365 · Alta Badia shorts
12.5.2021 19:15:00
Our #shorts videos don't enter in our main videos but are still a way to show you what we are doing daily along the Dolomites ------------------------------------------▶ Visit Ustaria Posta :...
Spazio Verticale 285 - Noi 8b+, Andonno
7.5.2021 12:16:44
Alessandro Larcher in trasferta ad Andonno riesce a liberare in soli tre giri la storica Noi di Andrea Gallo! Una via simbolo del nord Italia....
Climbing Daily Ep.1822 - Tokyo Replica Wall: Parthian Climbing Southampton
4.5.2021 16:30:06
New climbing walls are always exciting, especially when there is a replica of the Tokyo bouldering wall. This is a sneak peak at the Parthian Climbing Southampton COVID means we can't currently travel there, so we go behind the scenes to see the building process....
Climbing Daily Ep.1823 - Wales FINALLY Has It's First 8C Boulder
5.5.2021 16:50:28
Eliot Stephens has sent 'The Origin Sit' and in doing so puts up Wale's first 8C boulder. He's not the only one bouldering hard as we take you through the rest og the 8C climbs and the usual 9a roundup. Meanwhile in the high mountains we see new routes being added in the harshest of conditions......
Climbing Daily Ep.1824 - DOUBLE Toe Hook Classic In Fontainebleau
6.5.2021 16:30:05
This is the show where you send us your climbing videos...and we pick the best to be features. Today we check out some night bouldering in Grand Canaria, a tricky Font 7A+ and the stunning Fairhead boulders....
Climbing Daily Ep.1825 - My FIRST Indoor Climbing Shoe: Evolv Zenist
7.5.2021 14:54:00
Teresa reviews the women's or low volume version of the Evolv Zenist climbing shoe. Aimed at indoor and competition climbers this is her first super soft shoe. She gives us her opinion and looks at the differences between the men and women's models......
Climbing Daily Ep.1825 - My LAST Indoor Climbing Shoe: Evolv Zenist 
7.5.2021 14:54:16
The Evolv Zenist is a super soft indoor climbing shoe which might help you achieve your competition goals. There is a men and women's version so this week we bring you TWO Gear Shows as Matt and Teresa try them out. This is the Men's version of the review......
The Perfect Outdoor Climbing Gym
5.5.2021 17:19:02
On an active rest day I head to the Bosson boulders in Chamonix and link together a circuit. From slabs to thuggy dynos this has a bit of everything. The perfect outdoor climbing gym? My Evolv Zenist shoes:
Brno, Czechia - Bouldering Fight with The Edge Problem by Adam Ondra
3.5.2021 19:00:32
At the tramway terminal station in Brno (my hometown), there is a hidden gem. A quarry from volcanic rock, that offers few, but good quality boulder problems. And an old project that was abandoned for a few years, but its striking line have always attracted. Check out how it turned out in the next v...
1.5.2021 | Dobrča
2.5.2021 9:15:42
Čudovit dan in lepa tura na Dobrčo, kamor smo prinesli tudi sonce :)...
Nad Preddvorom ni samo Sv.Jakob
4.5.2021 20:26:27
Nad Preddvorom lahko opravite čudovito, nezahtevno turo, katera značilnost je mir. Ob poti vas čakajo skrite jase s kočami, kjer si lahko pripravite piknik v miru, na koncu pa krožno pot končate na Sv. Jakobu, kjer vam vedno postrežejo nekaj dobrega....
Winter descent by roadbike from the Passo Valparola towards Alta Badia· Dolomites
30.4.2021 20:30:02
This video of the descent from the Passo Valparola towards San Cassiano, Alta Badia was shot at the beginning of March when we had still a strong lock-down here in Italy.That's also the reason why you can spot barely a car on the descent. Enjoy the ride and now we are looking forward to have the @Ma...
News Bites - Climbing Cross Training: Ice Climber Sends An 8B Boulder
3.5.2021 16:30:00
We take a look at Lucie's story from Ice climber to 8B boulder crusher. Can cross training help you to achieve your goals?Bouldering gear deals at the EpicTV shop: News Show:
Friends Reunited on Mountain Adventure
28.4.2021 20:00:16
7 months since our last outing, myself and Gerry were finally allowed to meet up for a grand mountain adventure. Where to go for our first outing in over half a year though ?A link to the first winter climb video ten years ago as mentioned here -...
Snow Day - May Day
2.5.2021 16:00:14
May Day - Snow Day. It can snow in any month of the year in Scotland and April had been a cold month allowing the snows to remain in the Scottish Mountains. As we entered May the cold weather continued and we found some more new snow on this wee Scottish Mountain.......
EpicTV Clips - Jonathan Siegrist Makes FA Of Long Standing Project
28.4.2021 16:44:15
Back in 2020 whilst developing God's crag, Colorado, Jonathan Siegrst made ascent of a long standing project, Rainmaker 8b+ / 5.14a ... Psyched for an adventure? Get geared up with all the latest brands on offer at the EPICTV SHOP:
Big Wall Ep.1 - The Gear + Techniques To Learn Big Wall Climbing
30.4.2021 15:53:29
Climbing The Big Walls Of Yosemite is a dream of the boys from Action Talk who are back with a brand new series looking at How to get yourself ready for a proper big wall adventure.To check out the Black Diamond gear featured in this video head to the EpicTV Shop:
Spazio Verticale 284 - Five Ten torna con la Hiangle Pro
30.4.2021 15:15:41
D'ora in poi servirà il porto d'armi per calzare questa nuova Hiangle Pro! Era da tanto che volevo provare questa scarpetta e finalmente sono riuscito a farlo. Guarda il video per scoprire cosa ne penso e vedere le differenze col vecchio modello. ...
Climbing Daily Ep.1819 - Weirdest Move In Climbing?
27.4.2021 16:30:07
On this week's Sick Send show we check out two brutal looking 8A's and the lowest of lowballs. Upside-down bouldering at it's best...could you send these climbs? Bouldering gear deals at the EpicTV shop:
Climbing Daily Ep.1820 - Alex Megos MEGA Upgrade: 9a to 9b
28.4.2021 16:30:01
This week Alex Megos revealed the 9b he sent a few weeks ago and an ice climber boulders 8B. We bring you a HUGE 9a roundup and the 9b counter might get another ascent on it...La Sportiva clothing deals:
Climbing Daily Ep.1821 - Matt And Domen Škofic Test The Hiangle Pro
30.4.2021 15:00:26
We were invited to Domen Škofic's private climbing wall in Slovenia to check out the NEW Five Ten Hiangle Pro. This is a top of the line climbing shoe with some high end features. Domen and Matt put it to the test on three different boulder problems in this 'session style' gear show....
The Test all Agents Fear | FBI Fitness Test
27.4.2021 18:31:01
Sponsored: Go to or use a coupon magmidt to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount!Marte // @marteknibeI tried the FBI fitness test. ...
Historic Climbing Area with Modern Bouldering
2.5.2021 20:17:26
Check out Rungne! https://rungne.comLocation: Kolsås, Norway Boulder: Peisbulder'n (Baal) 8A (V11)Sponsors: - Toyota- Scarpa#bouldering...
Arco - Satisfaction of bolting and repeating climbing routes - Adam Ondra and Stefano Ghisolfi talk
26.4.2021 18:56:09
It was a bit weird to talk to Stefano in English, our conversation is usually in Italian. We went back in time marvelling about how we first met and started to attend international competitions. We were actually both born in February 1993, so we were joking that because I am two weeks older I have t...
Kramarjeva smer 2132 IV/I-II M 615m, 24/04/2021 | Storžič
24.4.2021 19:31:00
Storžič - Kramarjeva smer 2132 IV/I-II M 615m, 24/04/2021...
24.4.2021 | Roblekov dom
24.4.2021 20:09:43
Na Roblek smo odšli in 'fajn' se imeli vsi... :)...
23.4.2021 21:20:04
Tanti programmi, una grande avventura....
Dolomites Val Mezdí off piste spring skiing in plenty of powder snow
22.4.2021 20:30:31
Was this maybe the end of season present? We don't know but skiing the Dolomites Val Mezdí off piste in spring with this type of powder snow conditions was just a blast.We went up starting from Colfosco - Alta Badia, did the Val Mezdí upwards until reaching the Boé hut and then skied down this amazi...
We rested and we are getting pretty because we are OPEN (again) · Alta Badia · Dolomites shorts
27.4.2021 18:00:10
Yes 'finally' after a long winter season, with the first spring breeze blowing around the Dolomites we are open again So if you plan to visit us soon, during the summer season or next winter get in touch with us ...
24.4.2021 | Planjava (2394 m) po Wisiakovi grapi
24.4.2021 19:29:23
Lahko samo rečem noro! Razmere sicer malo slabše, je pa zato adrenalin sekal Sploh grebensko prečenje po Planjavi! Več pa v blogu:
Hochwannig 2493m/Nordostrinne
22.4.2021 13:00:34
Musik:–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––Earth by MusicbyAden Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0Free Download / Stream:
Exponierte Skitour mit steiler Rinne (45-50°) Wetterstein - 23.April 2021 - Mittagsscharte 2045m
23.4.2021 20:49:38
Steile und exponierte Rinne in die Scharte⬇️ ⬇️ AUFKLAPPEN FÜR MEHR INFOS⬇️ ⬇️ ►Meinen Kanal abonnieren um nichts mehr zu verpassen►Meine komplette Ausrüstung findest du unten in diesem Text ⚙️...
Sperlonga | Petzl Legend Tour Italia
26.4.2021 21:00:15
'The Petzl Legend Tour arrives in Sperlonga, where it was written the history of the sport climbing in the center of Italy. The Tour continues!••• Featuring •••Presented by Laura Giunta and the climbers Federica Mingolla and Wafaa Amer. ...
Wettest area in Europe | Hiking in Heavy Rain
21.4.2021 20:00:04
Hiking in Heavy Rain the wettest area in Europe ;)Western Scotland is one of the wettest regions in Europe. No surprises from us, but a rather rainy day saw us hiking in rain then heavy rain as the hike went on. A rather driech but fun day on the hill. (Filmed in Autumn of 2020 b4 Lock down)...
A World Less Traveled Ep.8 - Climbing High In The Mountains Of Peru
23.4.2021 13:00:32
Peru: Josh and Charlotte's Second stop in South America, and probably the place we connected with the most during our A World Less Traveled trip. It was so good that we spent one month and a half climbing at 4000+ meters, and had to break the Destination Film in 2 pieces. Here the first one : boltin...
EpicTV Clips - First Spanish Ascent Of A CLASSIC UK Sport Route
26.4.2021 16:00:31
Rainshadow, 9a at Malham Cove UK is a long standing test-piece of the UK sport climbing scene... first ascended by Steve McClure back in 2003, the route has seen ascents from the likes of Adam Ondra, Ben Moon and Will Bosi. The ascent by Spanish climber Eder Lomba is the 12th ascent in total, the fi...
Spazio Verticale 284 - Pura Fantasia First Ascent
23.4.2021 0:00:07
Climbing Daily Ep.1818 - Adam Ondra And Janja Garnbret BREAK Records
21.4.2021 17:08:15
It was an amazing weekend for competition as the IFSC Boulder World Cup started in Switzerland. We bring you the highlights of that, and sport climbing and bouldering from across the world.La Sportiva NEW shoes:
News Bites - DANGEROUS Trad Route15 year Old Climber
22.4.2021 16:30:06
15 yer old Tom Pearce has just made the third ascent of Divine Moments Of Truth, an E9 6c in the UK. We look at the route and discuss the implications of someone so young, trying something so potentially dangerous....
Free Solo Like Alex HonnoldIn A Computer Game
20.4.2021 18:00:28
Thanks to Oculus for sponsoring today’s video. #OculusPartner. I'm not a very good free solo climber...but can a virtual reality game help me to become Alex Honnold? I test out the Climb 2 game on the Oculus Quest 2......
Former Pro Climber tries Speed Climbing
19.4.2021 21:25:09
Check out Rungne // // @andreaslodoenCheck out Andreas' channel: tried speed climbing!Sponsors: ...
17.4.2021 | Taborniški dom Šija
18.4.2021 16:08:43
3. cilj v programu 'Letos na Triglav 2021'...
polvere primaverile e discorsi impegnati | COMFORT ZONE
17.4.2021 21:14:35
Il moralizzatore è tornato....
Final Fantasy V7, Coopers Rock State Forest
20.4.2021 14:01:33
This video features Cam Kellar on Final Fantasy, a V7 in Coopers Rock State Forest. This video takes a dive into the process of working the boulder and solving the beta to unlock the sequences. The Coopers Rock classic starts in the middle of the cave and works it way through jugs, pockets, and corn...
Kilian Jornet | Covid Lines
22.4.2021 18:00:01
During this strange winter, I have been looking for alternatives to keep practising sport near home. I discovered some nice and unknown couloirs that has allowed me to enjoy landscapes like this. ...
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