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News Bite - The 9a+/b That Took 18 Years To Repeat
25.10.2021 16:16:24
Full video: Hong has repeated Flex Luthor, a 9a+/b at the Fortress Crag in America. The route was first climbed by Tommy Caldwell in 2003...and this is the first time the route has been repeated....
Campervan Adventures in the National Park - Hiking High into the Cairngorms
20.10.2021 20:00:13
We stay overnight in the Campervan in the deep dark forest of the Cairngorm National Park with the stags bellowing around us and then head into the Heart of the national park for the longest mountain trip my son has done to date........
THE NEW SERIES - La Sportiva Living Legends
19.10.2021 14:00:18
La Sportiva Living Legends Is BACK for a 5th season, and this time its a good one...stay tuned for 3 athletes, 3 films, 3 Stories...Check out our range of the latest from La Sportiva at the EpicTV SHOP:
Petra Klingler's Exceptional Story - The Fight To Climb
21.10.2021 17:00:09
Psyched for some La Sportiva Gear? Get all the latest at the EpicTV SHOP ➡️ the fifth season of La Sportiva Living Legends and we have some incredible stories to share with you, first up Swiss Bouldering World Champion, Petra Klingler....
Climbing Daily Ep.1899 - Anthony Gullsten Tries Urban Bouldering
19.10.2021 17:17:29
Buildering is a strange part of our sport..think bouldering...but on buildings! Today Terri and Anthony Gullsten enter the comp and get to climb on some ancient property...Join us next year for the Frasassi climbing festival:
Climbing Daily Ep.1900 - Domen Škofic Send His FIRST 9b
20.10.2021 17:14:28
This week Domen Škofic sends his first 9b...and decides not to use knee pads. Matty Hong is also on the 9b send train as temperatures start to drop...Mid Season 60% SALE:
Matt VS. Comp Boulders shorts
21.10.2021 21:45:01
Watch the full episode here -
Upcoming TC PRO Video + NEW La Sportiva Shoes Shorts
22.10.2021 17:09:49
La Sportiva shoe deals at the EpicTV shop: take a sneak peak at two new La Sportiva models and give you a glimpse at a future featured shoe...Full Katana Lace video:
vzhodna in zahodna pot | Košutnikov turn
20.10.2021 18:18:25
Video s Košutnikovega turna 2133 m - vzhodna in zahodna pot. ⛰ Košutnikov turn je najvišji vrh v najdaljšem slovenskem grebenu - Košuti. Košuta je mejni greben v Karavankah, med Slovenijo in Avstrijo....
JEROBOAM FRANCIACORTA u200d♂️- 150km fango, caldo, sudore, watt
20.10.2021 7:30:04
JEROBOAM FRANCIACORTA 150kmmi hanno invitato (grazie!) a partecipare a questo evento che, Partendo da Erbusco sale fino al Lago d’Iseo e fa tutto un giro lì intorno (geograficamente dettsiato, eh?). ...
Chill Ass2Grass in the Swiss' Kronplatz | Speedflying
14.10.2021 15:46:46
Instagram : @mulle_alexandre : Ozone Rapido3 8m#Speedflying #Wingsuit #Extreme...
Flight n°1 Rapido3 | Speedflying
19.10.2021 13:01:47
Instagram : @mulle_alexandre : Ozone Rapido3 6.5m#Speedflying #Wingsuit #Extreme...
Rifugio Puez Dolomiti Puez Odle
15.10.2021 14:28:38
Escursione classica, nulla di impegnativo con panorami molto belli e mutevoli. Noi abbiamo scelto di salire con la cabinovia Plans Frarache parte subito dopo il paese di Colfosco, fatti 12,5 km con 700 metri di dislivello....
Jalovec (2645 m)
17.10.2021 18:21:21
En lep zimski vzpon na našega Kristala. Več pa v blogu: by:Hentai Xander - In Heat. (Spooki Remix)...
Light’s On Episode 4 – UTMB 2021 and After
12.10.2021 17:00:00
Light’s On is a series following François D’Haene at the mythic UTMB , which took place from August 23rd to August 29th of 2021.Time for Episode 4: So what next? After François’ win at UTMB 2021, he describes how the Hardrock 100 just six weeks before UTMB impacted his preparation, mentality, and fi...
Knot at the end of the rope | PetzlTips
13.10.2021 8:00:08
#PetzlTips - Knot at the end of the ropeRope too short ➡️ The cause of many lowering accidents. You must have info on the route you plan to climb and get a rope that is long enough. It can be useful to take a rope that is 5 m longer than the anticipated need. Once on the route, you may discover that...
Butterfly Coil | PetzlTips
14.10.2021 8:00:03
#PetzlTips - Butterfly CoilEfficiency is an important factor when going out in the mountains. This episode of Petzl Tips helps you to keep your rope neat and tidy. So when you need it you have access to it. When you don't need it, it's properly installed on your backpack....
Petzl - PetzlTips - Unlosable prusik knot & connecting the device
15.10.2021 8:00:04
#PetzlTips - unlosable prusik knot & connecting the device / PetzlHow do you set up your device for abseiling? Here are the steps we recommend to install your device for abseiling. Petzl Tips - unlosable prusik knot & connecting the device. ...
News Bites - Anak Verhoeven FLYING Towards 9b
18.10.2021 16:30:41
Anak Verhoeven is on a roll, sending hard sport routes across Europe. She's just sent Patxitxulo a 9a/+ in Spain. We recon Anak might be sending 9b soon...Get yourself a WINTER Jacket At A Banging Price! ➡️ ➡️ EpicTV Shop...
YouTube - Ten Years On - Scotland's Mountains
13.10.2021 20:00:02
October 2011 and the first upload to the Scotland's Mountains YouTube page happened - ten years later and I am still here posting :)How I started video here -
The Country Where Climbing Didn't Come Naturally
12.10.2021 16:54:38
Psyched to get climbing? Get ALL your Gear at the EpicTV Shop: an average altitude of 30 metres and and a severe lack of rock, its easy to see why it took Denmark a bit longer to catch the bug of climbing in the 21st Century, but no it has there seems to be no stopping it,...
Mathias Posch Comes Of Age At The Austrian Championships
14.10.2021 16:45:02
Psyched to get climbing? Get all your gear at the EpicTV SHOP: some of the best climbers in the world Austria's climbing team isn't the easiest to get into, and Mathias has been knocking on the door for quite some time and now under the lights at Innsbruck, can Mathias fin...
Link Sar 2019 First Ascent climbing shorts adventure
15.10.2021 13:00:21
Check out the full film:
Spazio Vericale 302 - Cinque Torri, Via delle Guide
14.10.2021 11:37:46
Nelle prime giornate autunnali insieme a due ragazzi super motivati siamo andati a ripetere la Via delle Guide in Cinque Torri. Una via che permette un bell'approccio all'arrampicata nelle Dolomiti....
Climbing Daily Ep.1896 - The Ultimate Climbing FestivalWelcome to Frasassi
12.10.2021 16:30:03
The Frasassi climbing festival is a celebration of everything climbing, from hangboard challenges, buildering and cragging ther is always a lot to do! Teresa shows us around the festival and the stunning Italian countryside......
Climbing Daily Ep.1897 - Jakob Schubert Repeats Chris Sharma's ALASHA
13.10.2021 16:30:05
Get yourself a WINTER Jacket At A Banging Price! ➡️ ➡️ EpicTV ShopHugo is flying solo this week and probably not wearing any trousers, as he takes you through the latest news in the climbing world this week... they include...
Top Crack Climbing Tips shorts
14.10.2021 16:30:05
La Sportiva Climbing Shoes -
Climbing Daily Ep.1898 - NEW La Sportiva Katana Lace + Mantra Climbing Shoes
15.10.2021 15:30:02
During the recent La Sportiva athlete meeting we caught up with Pietro Dal Pra, who showed us some NEW La Sportiva shoes. This is a sneak peak at these exciting models...EpicTV's La Sportiva climbing shoe collection:
Rungne Buldr | World's first LED Bouldering gym
14.10.2021 17:56:40
Email for more info. This is hopefully first of many Rungne Buldr! Location: Bergen, Norway. Music and Sound Effects: ...
My Plan for 1 Million Subscribers + Giveaway
16.10.2021 19:08:46
My book → https://kavepublishing.comMy book in Norwegian →'re giving away 10 pair of Drago Scarpa ( signature embroidered) and 10 Rungne Chalk Bags (signature embroidered) to in total 20 winners. If you already pre ...
Viševnik 2050m nmv, 09/10/2021
9.10.2021 14:45:06
Viševnik 2050m nmv, 09/10/2021TimeLapse Oktober 2021...
YOLOMITES 5000 ⛰u200d♂️u200d♂️u200d♀️
13.10.2021 13:13:02
YOLOMITES sesta edizione. Cos'è? Un allegro ritrovo di mattacchioni a pedali, che si fomentano a vicenda sulle salite più ripide (forse) della Badia. Un percorso di 120km e 5000m di dislivello positivo. ...
Fragile as Rainbow · SMACH. ART · Dolomites Daily 283/365 shorts
10.10.2021 11:48:00
Riding with our Gravel bikes through Art in the Val d'Ert in the town of San Martino in Badia in the Dolomites. This artpiece is called 'Fragile as a Rainbow' by XINGE ZHANG & JIAQI QIU form Beijin...
zelo zahtevna krožna tura | Montaž (Špik nad Policami)
10.10.2021 17:58:39
Pred tabo je drugi video iz serije KRATKIH ZGODB. Zahtevna krožna tura naju je popeljala čez 2753 metrov visoki vrh Montaža. Slovensko ime za Montaž je Špik nad Policami. ⛰️ Video s podrobnim OPISOM POTI si lahko oglejte tukaj
Rope management at the belay station | Petzltips
7.10.2021 8:00:00
#Petzltips - Rope management at the belay stationHere is shown a technique to ease your rope management at the belay station. A clean belay station means more efficiency. So you can focus on everything else....
Cord sling for Prusik | PetzlTips
8.10.2021 8:00:06
#PetzlTips - It's the multi-pitch climbing season! Climbing goes along with abseiling. Do you have a cord sling ready for your prusik? Here is a tip to prepare yours! You need 1,5 meters of cord (6 mm diameter). Diameter of the cord used to make your friction hitch must be chosen according to the ro...
Clipping quickdraw | Petzltips
11.10.2021 8:00:09
#Petzltips - Clipping a quickdrawYou're pumped being efficient while clipping the quickdraw saves energy. Here are 3 ways to clip a quickdraw depending on the situations you encounter....
News Bites - Sean Bailey Gets the 3rd Ascent Of Bibliographie 9b+
11.10.2021 16:30:09
Bibliographie, the hardest route in Ceuse, has seen another ascent, this time from American climber Sean Bailey. We take a look at his ascent...Sport climbing deals at the EpicTV shop:
NOT Done with Hiking Just Yet
6.10.2021 20:00:13
Sleepy Jake by Silent Partner and Rising Sun (YouTube Music Library)Follow Steaming Boots on the below links:)Instagram - Boots -
New Cave Climbing Lines In Margalef
5.10.2021 17:00:23
Tom Bolger is a British climber who has lived in Spain for the last 11 years, this is the first part of our 3 part series looking at his life in Spain.Psyched to get out climbing? Get GREAT deals at the EpicTV Outlet:
Premiering This Thursday On EpicTV - Link Sar - The Film
5.10.2021 17:13:16
The Last Great Unclimbed Mountain - Link Sar
7.10.2021 17:00:12
Get ready for alpine climbing with EpicTV → at 7041 Metres, Link Sar is said to be the last great unclimbed mountain of the Karakoram range in Pakistan. The Mountain has seen 9 failed attempts since 1970, including a 2017 attempt by the team of Graham Zimmerman, Steve ...
Spazio Verticale - Laura Rogora sale Ereborn 9b/+
6.10.2021 8:22:03
Laura ci stupisce ancora una volta, o meglio, oramai non ci stupisce più così tanto! Chissà dove può arrivare Alla!!!...
EINFACH AN DEN FELS Part 2/4 - Richtig Klippen am Fels
10.10.2021 10:30:07
In unserer zweiten Folge 'Einfach an den Fels' geht es in den Vorstieg und um das sichere Einhängen von Zwischensicherungen am Fels.Wir klären heute nicht nur WIE ihr Expressschlingen und Seil richtig einhängt, sondern auch welche Expressen sich in welchen Situationen am besten eignen, wie ihr selbi...
Climbing Daily Ep.1892 - What Grade Are World Cup Boulders?
5.10.2021 16:30:10
It's a question we get asked all the time...what grade are World Cup standard boulders? With help from Vibram we visit the Arkose gym in Annemasse to try and discover the answer....Learn to climb with @Vibram :
Climbing Daily Ep.1893 - Laura Rogora First Woman To Climb A 9b/+
6.10.2021 16:30:15
In this week's packed News Show Laura Rogora climbs 9b/+ and Bibliographie is sent by Sean Bailey. We have Trad climbing news from the UK and a very special EpicTV film...Get up to 32% off Tendon Ropes:
Climbing Daily Ep.1894 - The 7,041m TERRIFYING Sick Send
7.10.2021 19:00:08
Link Sar FIlm: have three awesome Sick Sends for you today, starting with a terrifying moment on the 7,041m Link Sar before moving on to some bouldering action.EpicTV Shop bouldering DEALS:
Climbing Daily Ep.1895 - What's In Terri's Sport Climbing Bag?
8.10.2021 15:30:20
Packing the right kit for a climbing trip is essential for having a good time! During the Frasassi Climbing Festival Terri takes a moment to show us the gerar she bought and reviews the DMM Short Haul 30L crag bag....
Sport Climbing Gear TicklistShorts
8.10.2021 20:30:05
We review the DMM Short Haul 30L backpack and check out the gear Terri takes sport climbing.Full video: Short Haul bag: Rock quickdraws:
Insane Military Hand to Hand Combat Fight
7.10.2021 20:28:30
I tried the highest level hand to hand combat test in the Norwegian Armed Forces.Music and Sound Effects: Andreas // @andreaslodoenEdited by Magnus Midtbø filmed by Markus Skaane...
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