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 Hiking around Bolfenk-Areh
30.1.2011 - Ljubomira

I plan to spend 2-3 days in the above area with accomodation in Maribor and hiking all the day.

Could you recommend me 2-3 one-day hiking trips.

Thank you in advance

If you are staying in city MB, then you should go on Pohorje with cable car.
Then you can walk towards Areh and back.
For more you should ask guys at the top of cable car.
if u go by car to areh u can hiking to ribniška koča -and back to areh..nice hiking
You might also want to start at the lower cable car station and ascent to the upper station by foot in, say 1h - 1,5h. From there you can continue, as mentioned above, towards Areh (another 1,5 - 2h), from there you can go further in the direction of Osankarica (some 2-2,5h) with the beautiful lake "Črno jezero" nearby or Klopni vrh, with a possible stop at waterfall "Slap Šumik" in both cases. From there on, There's Pesek, Ribniško Pohorje,... but that's too far for one day. I think it's a whole lot if you go as far as Osankarica or Klopni vrh and then back. At every of these points there's a hut. You can use the macadam roads or the hiking paths, in which case you should buy a map. Or you could of course drive to one of these points and hike more into the western part (for example "Lovrenška jezera" lakes are an interesting thing). Another interesting hike would be on Kozjak, which is known for its beautiful ridges with lonely farms. You can get a lot of information about these at the TIC (tourist information centre).
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